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Deacon Bistro goes with FALCON

Restaurant POS Systems have features and benefits.

We have a POS system that is locally developed with many features that made this the choice solution for the newly opened DEACON BISTRO.

Deacon Bistro

We supply a superior point-of-sale solution for small to large restaurants with Windows 10 technology for stability and minimum downtime. Exceptional high control is excessed over sales, payments and customer service with an internal reconciliation system to prevent mistakes and theft. Value added facilities like happy-hour specials, graphic table selection, table bookings, customer names on bills, seating, split bills, take-aways, item mapping, 9 different POS systems to choose from, Table transfers, hold and send meals, debtor integration, Pastel integration, loyalty cards, fingerprint readers, Zapper, SnapScan, Yoco integration, swipe and smart cards and many more.