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Online & Cloud Backup in South Africa

Simple, Secure, Supported
We provide 100% secure online & cloud backup, a simple registration process, simple installation, affordable pricing and secure hosting.

How does it work?

The IronTree application runs as a service on your PC, launching automatically at a daily scheduled time without any user intervention.

Data selected for backup is compressed, encrypted and encoded before leaving your PC.

As long as your computer is powered on and has Internet connectivity, your data backup set will be transmitted to our data centre and added to the catalogue of backups for your company.

Daily email notifications indicating backup results give visibility as to backup status, so immediate action can be taken should a backup fail for whatever reason.

The online backup application running on your PC/server gives complete visibility on:

  • Backup history, including detailed log files
  • Data selections

It also enables you to:

  • Modify data selections
  • Launch manual backups if necessary
  • Complete restore functionality of the complete data set or selected individual files